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Protecting this extremely fragile environment...

The island of Nosy Komba is situated among one of the world's richest ecosystems. In a concrete manner, we seek to encourage respect for the environment in order that everyone can take advantage of the outstanding biodiversity of this region both today and in the future.

To achieve this, at Tsara Komba Lodge, we work based on detailed procedures in order to maintain best practices such as recycling (with schemes in place to recycle metal, plastics and packaging as well as household waste) and the use of environmentally friendly materials (such as commercially grown wood and local plants, etc).
We take care to ensure the prudent use of water, which is drawn from a water source and which arrives at the lodges thanks to a gravity-fed system. Wastewater undergoes natural filtering and is used to irrigate the gardens, which are also fertilised with compost produced on site.
Finally, to limit our impact on CO2 emissions we use solar boilers for warm water, take advantage of the economical hours for electricity generation and use low voltage lighting.

The absence of televisions, telephones and air-conditioning in the lodges in addition to our ongoing quest for added simplicity are all aspects of our efforts to minimize our impact on the environment.

We are increasing our educational efforts among local people to encourage them to break the cycle of deforestation, a key aspect of slash-and-burn farming but one which is harmful to the environment, while instead recommending other, less destructive farming methods to them.

As we see it, the creation of wealth and its redistribution are the founding principles underpinning our work each and every day.
To achieve this, in as far as possible we purchase our fish, seafood, local materials and plants in the local region on a daily basis. The on-site craftsmen and maintenance staff who handle the upkeep of our lodges are recruited locally, thereby providing additional resources for the families of the neighbouring village, most of whose revenue comes from fishing and farming.
Additionally, thanks to our micro-loan scheme, we finance the pirogue boats so vital to the island’s fishing or travel activities, or the transportation of goods and people.

Promoting social responsibility...

Almost all of our employees live in the neighbouring village. Their salaries and the social benefits accompanying these have a major impact on the village's economy on an island on which employers are extremely rare.
We provide our teams with high-quality training and payment of their health treatment by setting up a health fund just for the hotel, in addition to the local social services already available here. At Tsara Komba Lodge, social responsibility is a way of life.

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