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The ocean: an endless source of excitement and wonder.

for beginners or experienced divers, (first dives and trainees welcome) or snorkelling both allow you to discover some extraordinary underwater spots whether near the hotel or just a few minutes away, including Tanikely (the famous nature reserve), the Ankify wreck or Manta Point. You will be diving in some superb water swarming with dozens of species of colourful fish, (groupers, rays, parrotfish and platax, etc.), turtles, starfish and shellfish, including the marvellous corals and giant anemones.
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Recreational troll fishing
, popper fishing or jig fishing, the most frequently encountered fish varieties are swordfish, marlin, Jack Crevalle fish, African red snapper, kingmackeral, dogtooth tuna, wahoo, dolphinfish and barracudas, which are usually released back into the water.
Traditional bottom fishing
, (squid fishing), in a pirogue.
Traditional pirogue sailing classes.
A tour of the island of Nosy Komba by pirogue
, including a visit to the villages.
Trip to Tanikely:
An excellent spot for diving and snorkelling but also an attractive island to be discovered, overlooked by a lighthouse which can be reached after a walk through the forest lasting several minutes.
A trip to the Mitsio archipelago
: this trip takes you through the fishing villages on the coast. It includes a chance to admire the amazing natural 'organs' protruding from the sea which are actually the tops of brown rocks reflecting an unusual light.
A trip to the Baie des Russes (Russian Bay)
: This region is known for its dolphins, its whale sharks, manta rays and hump-back whales (from August to mid-November). The beaches are also a favourite egg laying ground for water turtles while the numerous coral reefs resemble real-life natural aquariums.
Trip to Nosy Iranja
: L’Ile aux Tortues - Turtle Island - (so called because the turtles come here to lay their eggs on the beach) is comprised of two small islands linked by a strip of white sand which emerges at low tide. A magnificent sight.
Trip to Sakatia
: the orchid island. During this trip you can also discover the area's vanilla, pepper, coffee and ylang-ylang with its craftsman-made still, its cashew nuts, in addition to its pineapple and banana plantations.
Trip to Kisimany
: (a natural crater), hundred-year-old baobab trees bordering the beach, and a village where each year dhow from Zanzibar comes to buy shark oil.
Trip to Nosy Mamoko
, where visitors can admire the giant land tortoises, visit the waterfalls or head up the river surrounded by mangroves.
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