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Your Lodge: cosy luxury and pure sensations between the blues of the skies and the ocean.

Nestling on a hillside in the heart of a stunningly beautiful setting situated between the forest and the beach, the lodges and their front porches all enjoy an amazing view across the ocean, where you can tuck into a delicious breakfast watching an incredible sunrise or a colourful end to the day with a dinner under the stars. The leafy natural setting surrounding your lodge protects your privacy while at the same time bringing you all the benefits of its cool shade.

Life in a lodge is unbelievably relaxing. Superbly produced, featuring a slender architectural style making extensive use of wood and traditional materials such as rosewood or sohihy, the warm brown shades and subtle highlights of your lodge make this the perfect place to unwind. The roofs produced from Ravinala trees (also known as the “Traveller’s Tree”) offer excellent natural ventilation. Each lodge has its own character. The furniture and decorative items have been obtained from Madagascan antique dealers, artists and craftsmen, with the result being a subtle combination of ethnic character and modernity.

Just a stone’s throw from your lodge, you’ll find the magnificent beach where sun loungers are laid out on the golden sand or under the shade of the palm trees. You can enjoy a peaceful walk along the translucent waters so perfect for bathing and ideal for gently recharging your batteries. The private nature reserve offers some memorable strolls, during which you can admire the numerous species of flowers and trees, but also the lemurs, chameleons, hummingbirds and butterflies.

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