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“TK”, a key partner to the NGO “Des Villages Et Des Hommes”

Working closely with the NGO “Des Villages Et Des Hommes” we provide active support to the neighbouring village of Antrema located less than a kilometre away, where approximately 150 people live. The programme in the process of being implemented initially involves rebuilding homes in keeping with local architectural styles, installing a water conveyance system, supplying mosquito nets, building toilet blocks and subsequently facilitating access to health care and education with the construction of a school and finally a library.

As a genuine driving force in the local community, Tsara Komba Lodge acts locally to help ensure that environmental and social development efforts succeed.

We believe that our clients and travellers in general are all key players in the sustainable development process. Their stay at Tsara Komba Lodge offers a chance to experience another culture but also to take part in helping this culture thrive, survive and develop harmoniously.

If you wish, you too can participate in the support and assistance programme for the village of Antrema. You can give your donations directly to the Tsara Komba Lodge and we will pay them (in your name) to the association, who will then send you a receipt.
You can also obtain an information pack by writing to : E-mail

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